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GMA Auto Enterprise was founded in 2012 by Gibson (left) and Marcus (right). The company provides car / commercial rental and leasing services, buy & sell all pre-owned / new cars, car consignment services, bank loan services, COE renewal, and car scrapping services.


GMA Auto pride itself at increasing our repeat customer base. Hence, we are known for providing well-maintained, top quality vehicle and service at incredible prices that would exceed your expectation. 


We are small enough to provide you service at a personal level but large enough to provide reliability.


We are always open to suggestions and will do our best to accommodate our customers' needs.




All of our vehicles are maintained and serviced regularly by SCT. We have a team of experienced and dedicated professionals delivering quality work to ensure customers’ complete satisfaction.


We specialize in car grooming, car servicing, car insurance, car claim and car painting.


GMA Auto Enterprise is an affiliate of SCT Auto Services
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